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What We Do

We strive to provide monuments and markers to fit everyone's preference and budget. We will assist you in selecting a monument in the style, color, and size of your choosing. From standard monuments to custom designs, Williams Enterprises will be with you every step of the process. We also take pride in providing the very best in installation. Whether it's setting a grass marker or erecting a mausoleum, we will make sure that your monument is done in excellence.

Selecting A Monument

There are several factors to be considered when selecting a monument. Below is a step by step list of factors that will help you with your selection.
  1. Cemetery - The cemetery that your loved one is laid to rest can determine the type of monument you select. They may only allow flat grass markers or bronze markers to be placed in the cemetery. They may also charge a foundation fee for an outside company to set a monument. Check with the cemetery to ascertain information on rules and regulations.
  2. Monument Type - There are several types of monuments to choose from. They can be single (one person) or companion (two or more persons). The types are: Uprights, Slants, Beveled, and Grass Markers (Flat). Please refer to our catalog tab to reference the types.
  3. Color - There are several colors of stone that are available for your monument. From the standard grays to the exotic colors, we can provide all colors in any monument.
  4. Price - We have a wide range of monuments that can accommodate all budgets. Williams Enterprises can provide monuments ranging from our standard grass markers to our custom designs. Please contact us for pricing.